First - An Explanation.

This blog will primarily review things that are of interest to fathers. While my interests may not match yours entirely, one thing we share in common is we both have children, so that will be the main focus of the blog. I will have occasional posts about other interests of mine though, such as video games, home improvement, etc.

For reviews - I will rate on a basis of 1 to 10 for learning, enhancing creativity, fun, and for toys, cost. and then give a general review. A 5 will be baseline, IE if a show is less than a 5 for learning, it means it may well be teaching your kids things you DON'T want them to learn, although this rating is likely to be rare. For cost, a higher number means more expensive.

Some people are of the belief that kids do not learn anything from watching TV or playing games. While they are welcome to believe what they wish, I am a first-hand witness to the contrary.

What I review will be both past and present, but will still be accessible, older kids shows for example will be stuff you can still tune into with a Netflix account. If you don't have Netflix - I recommend it, there are TONS of shows for kids on there, and the sheer variety will keep any toddler learning and watching for hours.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Show Review - Blue's Clues

Fun - 10
Learning - 9
Creativity - 9

Blue's Clues is a show about a guy living in a cartoon world with a pet dog named Blue, who's constantly requiring his owner to solve puzzles by leaving various "Paw Prints" around the house and yard on items which provide clues to the puzzle.  They're fairly simple of course, in order to build on the reasoning capabilities of young minds.  It also has other focuses in Art and Math to boost creativity and learning in those areas.  The biggest upside to the show is it's well-rounded nature, it has a very strong appeal to young children and a broad focus of learning.

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